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5 Tips For A Healthy Dog

Dogs are mankind’s most faithful friends. Our loving and affectionate companions provide us with security and excitement in the house. Because they dwell with us, we, their humans, should always take as much care of their health as we do our own. Here are five major pet tips which you should always practice.

Feeding a high-quality diet aids pet health

Provide your pet with the right kind of food. Whatever a dog eats has profound effects on its weight, health and even its moods. Thus, your dog’s diet should always be nutritious and well-balanced. When buying dog foods, always confirm the nutritional content. Always check the ingredients on the packaging. It is advisable to opt for raw dog food which is high in nutrients as opposed to ones with preservatives. Another reason to avoid preserved dog food is that it’s always on the shelves for too long. This compromises its nutritional value. There are some types of food you should always keep away from dogs because they are harmful. For instance, rotten food, avocado, alcoholic beverages, and onions to name a few.

Exercise your dog every day

Dog owners should always exercise with their pets. It makes the dog remain fit physically and mentally. Exercise could be taking a morning or evening walk with your pet. Such routine walks help with reducing aggression in your pets. Dogs that don’t keep fit run the highest risk of becoming overweight. This may then lead to diseases that affect the liver, heart and may even cause arthritis. Frequent exercise and low-calorie foods will help you maintain your pet’s ideal weight.


Frequent vaccination is essential to your pet’s health. Diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and leptospirosis are preventable through immunization. During breastfeeding, the mother dog passes antibodies to its puppies through breast milk. However, the antibodies are not enough to last the puppies a lifetime. The puppies only use the antibodies till they’re about three months old. So always ensure that you don’t miss any stage of vaccination for your pet to remain healthy.

Take your pet to the veterinarian regularly

A regular visit to the veterinary doctor is also important. For convenience, you can also use the services of a mobile veterinarian clinic. The doctor will be able to check all your pets without you even leaving your house. Vets should be introduced to your furry friend when it is still a puppy. This will enable it to get used to the process of a checkup. Also, it will help to avoid future panic. The check-ups will allow vets to familiarize themselves with your dog’s health, as well as identify any illness or infections early on.

Control fleas and heartworms

Fleas pose a major threat to your dog’s health. They breed tapeworms and cause allergies. You can notice them through your pet’s itchy skin. The good news is that you can control them by using some prescribed products that are easily obtainable at pet stores. It is also advisable to apply the control products at least monthly on all your pets. Also, always keep the heartworms in check – they are highly contagious and difficult to treat. Thus, you should always give your pet tablets like Heat Guard monthly as a means of prevention.