The Shot Spot was founded and developed by our acclaimed animal advocates, Doctor Danny and Amy Cox. Together, they have traveled the United States and overseas (Mexico, Turkey, Greece & Italy) to spearhead and contribute to an array of projects ranging from animal rescue and disaster relief to spay and neuter programs. Our founders’ tireless work in animal-related pursuits has now spanned well over a decade.


Dr. Cox has practiced, lectured and promoted Veterinary Medicine for 32 years – both domestically and abroad. A 1982 graduate of the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine, he has designed, built, and owned 30 veterinary hospitals in three states and Mexico. Since 2012, he has traveled, lectured and advocated for Zeuterin. During which he continued to develop the Cox family’s very own efficient hospital model housed inside Petco – The Pet Vet. The establishment’s doors first opened in 2009.

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations in Dallas | The Shot Spot

In 2013, the Cox duo began developing The Shot Spot. Their business plan’s vision: find a way to bring low-cost vaccines and Zeutering to more pets and their owners.

The pet overpopulation problem grows by approximately 4 million dogs and cats per year and The Shot Spot, along with others, have committed to reducing it by making vaccinations & male neutering affordable, accessible and convenient.

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