Zeuterin is a compound of Zinc Gluconate and Arginine.  Both are naturally occurring compounds in the body of humans and animals.  In a precisely measured amount, Zeuterin is administered under light sedation using a small gauge needle directly into each testicle.  The sedation is reversed and the pet is awake and ready to return home in less than 20 minutes.  Zeuterin is safe, effective, pain-free and costs less than traditional surgical castration.



Light Sedation

Testicles remain in place

Limited Discomfort

Testosterone reduced by ~50%

Prostate size only reduced 1/2 as much as surgical castration

Studies suggest lower rates of prostate, bone and splenic cancers

Ineligible if testicles are abnormal or if <1 cm or >3cm

Tattoo to indicate sterilization

Activity restricted for 3 days

Bathing ok


General Anesthesia

Testicles surgically removed

Mild to moderate pain

Testosterone reduced by 100%

High risk of prostate inflammation and enlargement

No risk for testicular cancer

Recommended if testicles are abnormal

No tattoo

Activity restricted for 10-14 days

Bathing Prohibited