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Dog Flu: Yes, It’s Real

Can Dogs get The Flu Virus? Can dogs get the flu virus? Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can be impacted by the flu, or Canine Influenza. First identified in 2004, the flu for dogs infects their respiratory system and can be extremely contagious. While some dogs are able to fight off the infection, it’s a good idea
Pet Safe Cleaning Products for Pet Parents

Safe Cleaning for Pet Parents

Pet Safe Cleaning Products It is no secret that pets can make it tough to keep a house clean, especially when they are shedding fur, or playing outside and bringing in dirt and mud wherever they walk. This can make for a challenging situation for you and any children around the home, as there may
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Most Serious Dog Emergencies

Common Dog Emergencies There is no doubt that a dog is man’s best friend, a playmate and a companion who is as loyal as it gets. That is why when your pup has a serious emergency, you need to get him or her to a Dallas vet to get proper veterinarian care as soon as
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Reducing the Stress of a Visit to the Veterinarian

A visit to the veterinarian can be a stressful time for both a pet and a pet’s owner. Even a great visit to the vet can trigger a wide range of responses in animals that can impact their attitude and stress level every time they go to receive veterinarian care. It is common for animals
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What to Expect when Adopting a New Pet

Pet Rescue Tips Adopting a new pet is the beginning of a great adventure! Not only are you doing a great deed in helping give a home to a homeless pet, but you are gaining a companion that you will love and look forward to seeing. Even so, adopting shelter pets comes with a few