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5 Tips For A Healthy Dog

Dogs are mankind’s most faithful friends. Our loving and affectionate companions provide us with security and excitement in the house. Because they dwell with us, we, their humans, should always take as much care of their health as we do our own. Here are five major pet tips which you should always practice. Feeding a
Newly Adopted Puppy

What To Do When Your Puppy Won’t Eat

It’s normal for pets to lose their appetite once in a while. However, a medical attention may be needed if it lasts for more than two days. A loss of appetite is a concern for puppies as they have lesser abilities to sustain themselves without eating. They may get really sick if not fed for
How to Tell if Your Pet is Overheated

Is My Dog Overheated? Here’s How to Tell and What to Do About It

Summertime comes with plenty of fun, and we all love tagging our furry friends along during those hot summer days. Unfortunately, this intense heat can cause your pets to overheat or even suffer a heatstroke. Unlike humans, dogs have a higher body temperature and less ability to cool down. This is because they have fewer sweat glands
What is Cat Scratch Disease? | Pet Vaccinations | The Shot Spot

What is Cat Scratch Fever?

Unfortunately, “Cat Scratch Fever” is more than just a classic rock song. What is Cat Scratch Disease? Cat Scratch Disease (CSD), also known as cat scratch fever, is an infection that is caused by the bacterium Bartonella Henselae.   There are a couple different ways that a cat can contract the disease. When a cat has an open wound,
Can Dogs get The Flu Virus? | Mobile Vet Dallas

Is the Dog Flu Real?

Yes, dogs can get influenza. Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can be impacted by the flu, or Canine Influenza. First identified in 2004, the flu for dogs infects their respiratory system and can be extremely contagious. While some dogs are able to fight off the infection, it’s a good idea to seek treatment if you