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Does Clicker Training Really Work for Dogs?

The first year of training is a crucial bonding time between owner and pet. After thousands of years of domesticating and training dogs, it’s no wonder there are so many approaches for how to train your puppy. Unfortunately, it does make choosing a route for training difficult. With puppies, you know you need consistency in
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3 Great Reasons To Use A Mobile Veterinarian

Between jobs, home, family, relationships and our animals, finding time to fit in a doctor appointment for ourselves, much less our pets can be a struggle. A majority of Americans find themselves constrained to the work day times of nine and five, with few opportunities throughout the day to head to a clinic, pick up meds, or
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Summer Fun Ideas For Your Pet

Fun summer activities with your pet Summer is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors in Dallas with your four-legged pals. Here are some fun, hot-weather things to do with your pet in our area: Puppy Pool Party – A quick visit to the store for a kiddie pool and barbecue essentials is a start to some
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How To Keep Your Pet Occupied While You’re At Work

As pet owners, we strive to create experiences for our pets that keep them safe, happy and stimulated throughout the day. In the occasion that pets need to be left alone for an extended period time, we have created a few tips to keep your pet occupied while you are at work. Keep in mind,
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Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Dallas

Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Dallas The love we all feel for our four-legged friends is like no other, which makes the affordable care and attention that pets receive at The Shot Spot one of a kind. The Shot Spot has taken the worry and stress of getting your dog to his vet on time for