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Summer Activities For You & Your Pets

Fun Activities with your pet: Summer Edition Summertime is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors in Dallas with your four-legged pals. With such an extensive list of things to do, you might wonder what some of those activities are that you and your pets can participate in without having to make an emergency trip
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How To Keep Your Pet Occupied While You’re At Work

As pet owners, we strive to create experiences for our pets that keep them safe, happy and stimulated throughout the day. In the occasion that pets need to be left alone for an extended period time, we have created a few tips to keep your pet occupied while you are at work. Keep in mind,
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Low Cost Pet Vaccinations in Dallas

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations in Dallas The love we all feel for our four legged friends is like no other, which makes the affordable care and attention that our pets receive at The Shot Spot one of a kind. The Shot Spot has taken the worry and stress of getting your dog to his vet
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Fun Activities for You and Your Dog

There’s no better partner for an active lifestyle than a dog. They’ll never cancel on you and they’re almost always ready to run, play, hike and go wherever you want to go. An active lifestyle with your dog is one that benefits both owner and pet, ensuring you both a longer, happier time together. By
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How to Tell if Your Dog is Healthy

Signs of a Healthy Dog Raising a dog can feel like a constant guessing game. They can’t talk to us and tell us how they feel and, by nature, they try to hide when they’re in pain. That doesn’t mean that your pet’s health has to be a mystery. Body language and behavior are the