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Most Serious Dog Emergencies

Common Dog Emergencies

There is no doubt that a dog is man’s best friend, a playmate and a companion who is as loyal as it gets. That is why when your pup has a serious emergency, you need to get him or her to a Dallas vet to get proper veterinarian care as soon as possible! Here are some of the most common dog emergencies that are serious for which you should be prepared to call a veterinarian for.

  • Difficulty breathing – There are potentially many different things that could be causing your dog to have difficulty breathing, which is a big reason why it needs to get checked out as soon as possible. A dog who is having trouble breathing will have flared nostrils, be breathing noisily with an open mouth, with movement in both the belly and chest when they are breathing.
  • Serious trauma – This is likely obvious to any dog lover, but when a dog suffers serious physical trauma, they need to be checked out immediately. Some of the most common traumas are being hit by a car, a fall from a high place, or a fight with another dog. Even if there are not obvious symptoms that you can see, there may be something going on internally that will cause problems. If there is any type of physical trauma, call your mobile vet in Dallas right away.
  • Toxic exposure – Toxins can cause damage to internal organs or brain tissue, and any animal that you even suspect may have come in contact with dangerous toxins should be checked out. One thing we love about dogs is how curious they are, but unfortunately, that can also mean curiosity about things that are not good for them!
  • Neurological conditions – If your dog is not its normal, playful self, something could be wrong. If you notice that your dog is disoriented, unresponsiveness, or uncharacteristically lethargic, it’s wise to get them checked out by a veterinarian. This could mean a neurological condition, or there could be something physically wrong that needs to be tended to inside them. Don’t wait if your dog is not acting like themselves!
  • Seizures – While epilepsy is the most common cause of a seizure in your dog, there are many things that could be causing a seizure, especially in an older dog. These episodes will be characterized by uncontrollable tremors, a loss of bowel and urinary control, loss of consciousness, or a dazed and confused appearance. If your dog has been diagnosed as an epileptic, not all seizures may be an emergency. However, if multiple seizures happen within 24 hours or your dog has one that lasts more than a few minutes, call your vet right away.

These are just some of the most serious dog emergencies to watch for in your pet! If you are in need of care, contact The Shot Spot, a mobile vet in Dallas. While we began as a low-cost pet vaccination clinic who also specialized in non-surgical, we also have a full clinic that offers the full scope of medical services. We are located in McKinney, Texas, at 1827 W. Louisiana St. Let us know how we can help your loved one live their best life!