Newly Adopted Puppy
I Just Got a Puppy! Now What?

Puppies are one of the most popular pets in America. It is said that a dog is very loyal. Housing a pet is not easy because it becomes like one member of the family. This means that its health, diet and its comfortability fully depend on you. There are measures that you should consider when getting a puppy.

Ensure That You First Visit a Veterinary Service

Housing a puppy means that you will always interact with it. It is important to have it checked by a veterinarian. This is because it could be sick, but it looks fine and healthy but only a veterinarian can tell. Some worms or pests may have infested your puppy. You do not want a scratchy puppy, right? So, if not carefully checked, the pests and worms will lodge at your home. Be sure to take your puppy for a checkup. Low-cost pet vaccinations are very helpful. Our animal hospital The Shot Spot located in McKinney, Texas offers all dog vaccination services.

Have Time for Your Puppy

Puppies are special babies. They need your time as the owner so that it can get to know you and socialize. Pamper them, massage them, make them feel loved. Be sure to give them large amounts of attention and interaction with other dogs. Tethering your dog will lead to timidness or it will become aggressive. Just the way you could treat your kids, ensure that a puppy is treated in the same way.

Learn Its Feeding Pattern

Feeding your puppies may seem like an obvious thing, but theirs just a little more to it than that. Just like humans, dogs too should have a diet that will guide you on what to purchase. There is a various selection of dog food which you can choose from. In most cases, dog food is found in two types. The soft food and the dried Kibble. Both foods have the nutrients needed by a dog. However, consulting with your veterinarian will help you tell which food will favor your puppy. It is however recommended that small puppies should feed on the soft foods since their teeth are still developing.

Have Clean Food Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are preferred to feed your dogs from. Plastic bowls harbor a lot of bacteria that upon accumulation will cause the dog to suffer from preventable illnesses. Since puppies cannot hold the bowls, ensure that they have a bowl lining at the bottom for additional support while eating or drinking.

Train Your Puppy

Training your puppy is very important. You can train your dog how to pee maybe or how to respond to basic commands. In addition, it will provide your dog with a mental stimulation that will maintain its happiness and energetic spirit. As you take the morning run, take your dog along with you.

Budget For Medical Bills

A young puppy needs close monitoring from a vet occasionally. Before it hits four months, it should have visited the vet at least thrice. Puppies need at least 3 trips to the vet before they’re 4 months old. This is so that they can get their vaccines. However, emergencies need immediate attention and you should be ready.

Get a Collar, Crate, and Bed

You wouldn’t want your puppy to go missing right? Then a collar with a name tag attached to it will help you identify your puppy in case it is missing. Also, when relaxing, a puppy should relax in a comfortable place. A crate would be a great idea. It will not only give your puppy good sleep but also prevent any havoc in the house.