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How to Tell if Your Dog is Healthy

Signs of a Healthy Dog

Raising a dog can feel like a constant guessing game: they can’t talk to us and tell us how they feel and, by nature, they try to hide when they’re in pain. That doesn’t mean that your pet’s health has to be a mystery. Body language and behavior are the keys to spotting the difference between a sick dog and a healthy dog. With the tips in this article and The Shot Spot’s health checks and low-cost pet vaccinations in Dallas, you can keep your pup in tip top shape all year round.

Good signs of a healthy dog include a hearty appetite. Is your dog chowing down the way it usually does? Normal food and water intake are a great sign of a healthy pup. If your dog starts to turn its nose up at its food, it might be time to check in with the vet, especially if your pet normally has a big appetite.

Keep an eye on your dog’s energy levels. A healthy dog is typically alert, responsive and ready to play. Energy levels vary by breed, as some dogs are naturally more active than others, but a dog that’s feeling under the weather will be lethargic and often disengaged from its normal family time habits. One of the top signs of a sick or injured dog that owners spot changes in energy or behavior. If you notice a sudden change in family engagement and friendliness, it might be time for a check up.

A dog’s coat is an easy flag for its overall healthiness. A dog that’s healthy will have a clean coat that shines. Natural oils and regular shedding keep their fur looking fresh and tidy. When a dog’s coat goes dull or shedding becomes excessive, it may be a sign of a skin condition. Lots of itching, biting, and scratching might be an alert that your dog has fleas or skin allergies.

Is your dog having normal bowel and bladder activity? A lot of internal problems can be spotted by the state of a dog’s waste. If you suspect an issue, get the scoop and check their poop. A healthy dog’s stool shouldn’t be greasy, tar-like, bloody or coated in mucus. Diarrhea is a quick sign of something off in your dog’s digestion. Their urine should be a clear and yellow if your dog is doing well.

Knowing the signs of a healthy, happy dog can make your life with your pet better and longer. With regular check ups, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention and up-to-date vaccinations, you can keep your dog in top shape and keep your worries to a minimum. With the Shot Spot’s mobile veterinary care unit, you can get preventative care and check ups for your pup at low costs during hours convenient to you! Visit The Shot Spot and get better health for your best furry friend today!

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