Pet Safe Cleaning Products for Pet Parents
Safe Cleaning for Pet Parents

Pet Safe Cleaning Products

It is no secret that pets can make it tough to keep a house clean, especially when they are shedding fur, or playing outside and bringing in dirt and mud wherever they walk. This can make for a challenging situation for you and any children around the home, as there may be a higher chance of sickness if you come into a lot of contact with messes.

Fortunately, there are some great pet safe cleaning products out that can help keep your home safely clean! It is easiest to start with the ingredients that you should be avoiding. Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid coming into contact with formaldehyde, phthalates, bleach, perchloroethylene, phenols, or isopropyl alcohol.

These ingredients can be harmful if they are swallowed or even if they come in contact with skin. This can make them especially dangerous around pets, who have a harder time understanding what they should or should not touch. If your pet ingests any chemicals with any of those ingredients, you should contact your Dallas vet or find a mobile vet in Dallas to have them checked out.

One of the most effective and safe products is called Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. This product deeply cleans and eliminates organic stains and odors that are common in pets, such as pet waste, food, blood, dirt, and grass. It uses bio-enzymes which are safer than many other chemicals, helping avoid any trips to the veterinarian!

Another common product is the all-purpose cleaner from The Honest Company. They are well known for creating products which are non-toxic and include no harsh chemicals that are dangerous for pets or people. This makes their products great, especially for cleaning surfaces or specific spills.

A common cleaning tool is a steam cleaner, which uses high intensity clean to kill germs and remove dirt. This helps clean without the need for the harsh, dangerous chemicals, and even shows enough strength for many of the toughest stains. Along the same lines, an air purifier can trap up to 99% of airborne particles, which include things like pollen, dust, and even pet dander and odors. This reduces the allergen load in your household in a safe way.

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At The Shot Spot, we take care of your pets as if they are our own! We are a full-service hospital for veterinarian care, providing treatments such as pet vaccinations, preventative medicine, surgical procedures, diagnostics, and much more. If you can’t make it into the clinic, we are also supported by our own network of mobile wellness clinics throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Safely cleaning after your pet is an important part of pet ownership, especially considering all of the unsafe chemicals that are often used. As long as you take care to examine what you are using, you can create a safe environment for both pets and people in your home.